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Pricing and Insurance

The one question i hear from clients most often is: Do you accept my insurance?

The short answer is:  As long as its a PPO, and midwifery care is part of your plan (most plans do cover it), yes.

The longer more complex answer is : Yes, and there many ways of ensuring both the midwife and client get reimbursed.  The most common way is the client pays a deposit to hold there space in the month so I don't overbook, and then makes payments on their balance.  After the birth I submit the billing to the insurance and the family gets most, and in some cases all, the money back.  This way both the family and midwife are covered, and there are no surprises later when a midwife tries to collect a fee from a stubborn insurance.

There are many ways to make this scenario work for the individual. If you have financial hardships, please contact Jessica and we will see how we can make it work.

Here are the basic costs of services:
Single prenatal visit:  $175.00
Prenatal care only, planned hospital birth:  $2500.00
Total Midwifery care, antepartum , birth out of hospital , newborn care , postpartum :  $3500.00
Well woman care visit:  $75.00 + cost of labs if insurance will not cover.

There is a one time non-refundable deposit paid at the onset of total midwifery care in the amount of $600.  If you make payments throughout the course of your pregnancy and care is terminated, either by the midwife or by yourself, you are entitled to your money back minus the deposit.

Payment forms accepted are:  Check, Credit Cards, and of course, good ole cash.

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