Ile Abiamo Birth Services - Natural Childbirth Services
Future Goals

I would love to see a pregnancy moms group form.  This would be an exceptional way for moms to get support for their natural births, whether in the hospital or at home, get ideas and advice about "crunchy parenting,"  (cloth diapers, elimination communication, homemade baby foods, etc,), and created new friends in the community.

If you have ideas, plans, or wishes to join this group, please let me know

via email.  Click HERE.

Out of Hospital Birth Place

I, and many others, would like a permanent structure for Ile Abiamo as an out of hospital birth place.

its a dream home, i know, but aim high!!  :-)
There is not much I can ask for help on this at the moment, but please keep good and hopeful thoughts for a natural birth place in the valley in the next few years!!
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