Ile Abiamo Birth Services - Natural Childbirth Services
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do you take insurance?

         Yes.  Please see the Pricing and Insurance Page for details about that.

2.  Can my children be with me at the birth?

         Yes.  I encourage family support at births, but also advise that children have at least one person dedicated to their needs.  Often they get intimidated by the intensity of birth, or bored by it, and want to leave.  Having someone just for them leaves the mother's mind at ease.

3.  Do you do testing like an OB?

         Yes.  Obstetrical testing is pretty standard across the board, with the basis consisting of blood work, urinalysis, and ultrasounds.  I have accounts for all of these.

4.  Do I have to have all the testing, or can i opt out of some or all?

         You may do as much or as little as you like.  I will tell you why we do each one, and you have the right to decline.  The state mandates some procedures and tests be done for either you or your baby.  You may decline these.  Some can have a verbal declination, some require a signed form.  Its your family, and your decision.

5.  What happens if you have more than one mother in labor at the same time?

          It is a rare occasion that i have two  mothers in labor at exactly the same time, but it has happened to me twice.  In both cases the mothers ended up delivering 6+ hours apart from each other.  If this happens, a trusted colleague of mine will attend, "labor sit," the client who is progressing at the slower pace until my arrival. 

6.  Are doulas allowed to attend homebirth?

          You may have anyone with you that you care to.  I personally enjoy doulas and find that they can make your labor experience better.

7.  Can I take pictures/videotape my birth?

          Of course.  While I, Jessica, am notorious photophobic, I can be cajoled into a picture or two, and I have no problem with photos being snapped around me, or video cameras running.  I have even had a birth where the daddy was video conferenced in while on deployment overseas!

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